The New Promotional Trolley Coin Keyring Has Arrived

Out with the old!

The new pound coin affects supermarket trollies and therefore promotional trolley coin keyrings.

The new 12-sided one pound coin has caused something of a stir.

Everything we’ve been used to popping familiar old round pound coins into have needed to be upgraded to accept the new ones – car park ticket machines; vending machines on railway stations, in sports centres and a host of other public places; supermarket trolleys; lockers in swimming pools; coin-fed metres, etc, etc.

For some in industry it’s proved a particular headache – for example, the suppliers of trolley coins, which usually come in a handy keyring: a simple device for people wanting to unlock a trolley at their local supermarket.

The trolley coin keyring has always been a popular promotional giveaway, so the industry had to react quickly.

Manufacturers had to scramble to ensure that new trolley coin keyring products would fit the coin-operated supermarket trolleys that were being rapidly upgraded at supermarkets across the UK.

It’s a lesson for sure of how quickly things can change in the promotional product industry, and for that fact in in any industry; how just when you thought it was all systems go it can be all systems change!

But every cloud has a silver lining, as they say, because there’s a rumour going round that new pound coins stamped ‘2016’ rather than ‘2017’ (some it seems were printed last year) could be worth quite a bit more than their face value. Turn out your pockets, and good luck!

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