Monthly June, 2016

Product Innovation Prodir

Promotional Pen Brands Lead Product Innovation

Promotional product manufacturers are constantly investing in new techniques to develop their product and print/branding offerings. As manufacturers invest and develop both new and enhanced manufacturing methods, they can, in turn, create more tactile, more interactive and attractive products to accommodate complex and sophisticated branding that will really stand out. A great example of promotional product

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PET Products

PET Plastics: Are Your Promotional Bottles Safe?

Around 70% of soft drinks, including still and carbonated drinks, cordials, fruit juices and water, come in PET (polyethylene teraphthalate) plastic bottles. But are PET plastics absolutely safe? Even a cursory trawl on the internet will highlight issues, such as claims that in some circumstances phthalates can ‘leak’ into drinks. However, that many of the concerns

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Graphic Design Jargon Buster

Jargon Buster: Graphic Design

The situation will be familiar to many. Odd sound coming from engine. You rock up at the local garage. Slow intake of breath from mechanic… ‘It’s the – – – – mate.’ Apart from that sinking feeling this is gonna cost you, you’ve absolutely no idea what he’s talking about! It’s tricky when you don’t

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Merchandise For Hackathons

Promotional Products For Hackathons

Hackathons are big gatherings of software developers, computer programmers and other IT people, brought together to collaborate intensively on a given IT project. They usually last a day or so but have been known to go on for as long as a week. The nice little portmanteau word comes from a mix of ‘marathon’ and

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