Monthly August, 2016

Americano Mug

Spotlight On The Promotional Americano Takeaway Mug

The Promotional Americano Mug fights the war on waste! A huge number of British individuals, get their coffee on their way into work and then dispose of their takeout cups. Millions of these coffee cups go into landfill every year, creating a vast waste heap. The British manufactured Americano Mug range offers an eco-accommodating option to this issue! Accessible in a scope of sizes

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Tips on how to get more from your smartphone battery along with our top 5 Promotional Power Chargers…

Promotional Power Chargers Can Save The Day It’s a perennial problem. You’re making an important call, and even though you headed off for the day with your phone proudly displaying a 100% charge, by mid afternoon you’re about to go incommunicado. Worse, you’re on a conference call or checking in with the boss! And with

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Promotional Merchandise Makes Sense

Promotional products offer customers an all-round experience. Make your brand really memorable… Our frenetic world bombards us with information 24/7 – via TV, radio, print and online advertising, marketing and through all types of social media – so it’s tough getting your brand to the attention of people for any length of time and with

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Promotional Tapler

Spotlight On The Promotional Tapler

Is it a Promotional Stapler or Promotional Tape Dispenser, or Both? Apparently first coined by the fantastically imaginative Lewis Carroll in his book Through the Looking-Glass, a portmanteau word is a combination of two words. In the Carroll story Humpty Dumpty explains to Alice the unusual words in the poem Jabberwocky. ‘Slithy’, says Humpty Dumpty

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