How To Turn Simple Ideas Into Great Promotional Products

Google CardboardThink Out Of The Box!

Hi-tech punters at a recent Google developers’ conference were put in something of a spin by a highly innovate giveaway – a piece of cardboard!

The idea was simple. The members of the audience were invited to ‘assemble’ a cardboard kit, which took less than a minute. Then they popped their mobile phones into the cardboard viewfinder that they’d just created, they held it up to their eyes and, hey presto, they whooshed into an amazing virtual world – in effect virtual reality via a piece of cardboard for anyone with an Android phone!

An article at Gizmodo offered a taste of the development: ‘Many Android phones allow you to take photospheres – full 360 degree panoramic images. With “Google Cardboard” you’ll be able to go back to those locations and experience them like you’re standing there again.’

And, as demonstrated by the Google event, it need not be expensive. Significant changes in printing, personalisation and manufacturing are making it possible to produce good quality, custom-made products with vibrant branding on lower budgets than ever before.

At Arcadia we are always looking for the latest developments and trends, and are committed to providing our clients with the best attention-grabbing merchandise available.

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