Trade show checklist

Get the best from your industry events

There are plenty of great reasons to attend a trade show…

* generate leads
* sell
* check out new trends and products
* get together with other retailers
* see what the competition’s up to
* scope out investors and strategic partners

Once you’ve mapped out your goals it helps to draw up a checklist so nothing gets overlooked.

So for a great show…

* Decide who’s going
The staff on a stand can mean the difference between success and failure, so assembling the right team is critical. It’s best to have three people, meaning there’s at least two on the stand at all times. You might figure you need a bigger staff, in which case it’s a good idea to assign clear roles and responsibilities.

* Bagsy your space
Exhibition space gets eaten up fast so register ASAP. Choosing the best location is not an exact science. Central can be good as there’s lots of footfall in the middle rather than round the edges. Having said that it’s also an idea to be in sight of the entrance so new arrivals can clock you easily. End aisles are popular too as they can create vibrant busy corners.

* Sort out the travel
Work out what needs to be booked and for how many – trains? planes? hotels? rental cars? Early booking can mean cheaper prices.

* Create a fab stand
A trade show stand is your brand and the flagship of the exhibition campaign. On average there’s about three or four seconds to capture the attention of a passersby so an eye-catching stand with on-the-ball staff ready with an engaging, genuine and punchy message is a must.

* Uniform
Make sure your team stand out by wearing branded t’s, shirts or Polo’s.

* Tell the world
Sending out a pre-show mailing is one of the most effective ways to create a buzz around a trade show campaign and will help drive traffic to your stand. It could be a snail mail postcard or an email or text. Maybe it could offer entry to a competition or certain freebies.

* Pencil in meetings
Existing and prospective clients, vendors, magazine editors and reporters will be in the same place at the same time so make the most of it!

* Stock up on great merchandise
Last but by no means least, get some great eye-catching promotional merchandise. Make your visitors go ‘wow’, smile and walk away happy with fantastic customised products. Whether you go quirky or traditional, make sure it’s quality stuff and ethically sourced. Give yourself plenty of time to decide on the right items.


Anything (more or less!) can happen at a trade show so be sure to pack all the little essentials…

* Pens, including markers and highlighters
* Tape, both regular and masking
* Extension leads
* Notepads and stickies
* Staplers (plus spare staples!)
* Paper clips
* Zip ties
* Scissors
* Screwdriver and other tools
* First aid
* Business cards
* Comfy shoes!

That’s about it. Have a great show!


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