Using Recycled Waste To Make Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

RecycleIt’s important to source the right products for your promotional campaigns, but do you also consider the environment?

By promoting your business with UK-made, recycled, biodegradable and eco-friendly marketing gifts you’ll be supporting British manufacturing and using waste materials that would otherwise clog up landfill sites.

Branded recycled stationery, for example, would raise your profile as a firm that takes green issues seriously. Or why not try recycled vending cups, plastics or even car tyres to manufacture your office supplies? Better still, instead of paying to have unwanted waste paper and plastic removed, have it collected and turned into something special – a high quality branded gift for your customers, perhaps!

A link to the Gumdrop site

GumTech by Gumdrop Ltd.

A great example of reducing waste by using recycled material can be seen at Gumdrop LTD, a company that recycles chewing gum from special collection bins.

The reclaimed gum is put through a process to create a range of compositions for the plastic and rubber industries called  Gum-Tech. This sustainable material can be used to manufacture a range of products such as rulers , lunch boxes, spoons and takeaway style coffee mugs, all of  which can be branded with a logo making great promotional products, and at the same time keeping our streets clean.

Arcadia Branded Merchandise offers a range of logo printed recycled products:

  • Recycled MerchandiseUK-made paper notepads with 100% recycled paper pages and covers made from 90% recycled waste hardboard.
  • Paper sticky pads made from 100% post-consumer waste paper.
  • Brightly coloured, non-chip, dishwasher-friendly plastic coffee mugs made from recycled UK waste.
  • Rubber from recycled car tyres transformed into a material that resembles leather – ideal for notebook covers, mouse mats, pencil cases and coasters.

We have many more promotional items made from recycled UK waste. Contact us at for further information.

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