Monthly July, 2015

Freshers Week Merchandising Opportunities

Promotional Merchandise For Freshers’ Week

Making Merchandise Work Harder: How To Get Your Brand Noticed During The Freshers’ Week When the academic year starts at university so do the new students or ‘Freshers’. A host of events are traditionally held to welcome new faces and help undergraduates acclimatise to student life. The length of the induction varies from university to university.

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Promotional Smart Wristband

Promotional Wearable Technology User’s Diary

Promo industry expert Matt P road tests wearable technology. The global phenomenon known as ‘wearable technology’ is everywhere – laser fitness trackers for your wrists, heart-rate chest belts, cadence sensors, etc, etc. And training clothes with built-in motion sensors linked to your phone or tablet are touted as the next big thing! Given all the hype,

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