Monthly January, 2016

The Right Cup

In Search Of New Promotional Products

Innovation is a byword for all of us here at Arcadia Branded Merchandise. We’re constantly on the lookout for exciting ideas for new promotional products. It is a full time job scanning the internet, attending events, exhibitions and shows, and keeping fully abreast of the trade press and wider international media. We keep our eyes

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Adult Colouring Books

Not Just For Kids: The Rise Of Adult Colouring Books

Comics and colouring books have been staple pastimes for generations of kids. And while some adults enjoy graphic novels such as Batman, Watchmen and others, few have considered settling down with a colouring book and crayons. Not anymore. Colouring books for adults have become the in-thing. It goes without saying that many are beautifully designed

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Arcadia’s Own Range

Practise What You Preach: How Arcadia Uses Its Own Promotional Merchandise

At Arcadia we understand the impact of using well-thought-out, ethically sourced, quality promotional products. That is why we employ branded merchandise throughout the year to support and enhance our own sales and marketing activities too. The Arcadia’s Own range of promotional merchandise comprises of products of varied budgets, all carefully selected to back up our campaigns throughout the year. It

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