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Bags of choice

Promotional Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags We’ve all become rather more bag conscious lately, especially since supermarkets began charging for them. But the fact is, plastic bags come from polyethylene which is derived from oil. While they use an impressive 70% less plastic than they did 20 years ago they still  take hundreds of years to break

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The Rise and Rise Of Promotional Notebooks

It’s time to take note of branded promotional notebooks! With the hype that surrounds all things tech, you’d be forgiven for thinking that more traditional promotional branded merchandise doesn’t get much of a look in. Not so. Following the resurgence of notebooks in our high streets, branded notebooks are now one of the top selling

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Promotional Products Trending in 2017

What’s trending so far in 2017? As consumers continue to become increasingly exacting and discerning, quality is proving to be king, with low quality items taking a back seat to ‘cool’ design and high production values. Recipients of promotional merchandise as always will appreciate quality and products that have a perceived high value. Green is still good!

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