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Wireless charging

  The next game changer? So called promotional ‘game changing’ products don’t come along often. Looking back over the years we’ve seen many promotional technology products  launched as a result of tech developments or changes in consumer behaviour – think mouse mats, memory sticks, digital photo frames and, more recently, portable power banks and charging

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The Future of Tech

  What’s next? A glance at what our tech futures might hold… The rapid pace of change in the 21st century is evidenced nowhere more clearly than in the world of technology. But any technological forecast is a shaky sort of structure. With that in mind we’ve come up with a speculative peek around the

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Promotional Products Trending in 2017

What’s trending so far in 2017? As consumers continue to become increasingly exacting and discerning, quality is proving to be king, with low quality items taking a back seat to ‘cool’ design and high production values. Recipients of promotional merchandise as always will appreciate quality and products that have a perceived high value. Green is still good!

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