Arcadia Branded Merchandise Go For ISO 27001

ISO 27001

We’re getting there!

Arcadia is pleased to announce that it’s well on the way to achieving ISO/IEC 27001 status.

The ISO 27001 series offers best practice recommendations for information security management, enabling businesses to better manage security and reduce risk. The programme is similar in design to the quality management system (ISO 9001) and that for environmental protection (ISO 14001).

In today’s high-tech, interconnected business world, information security failures can have devastating consequences for businesses and their customers. That’s partly why the ISO 27001 series is so broad in scope, covering not only privacy and confidentiality but also IT and cyber security.

In addition, the standard is applicable to all sorts of different organizations and businesses of varying sizes.

The process typically starts with a firm assessing its information risks. Once identified they can then be treated using ISO recommendations as appropriate.

And because threats in the world of information are constantly altering and developing – especially with regard to cyber attacks – ISO also includes continuous feedback and improvement activities as vulnerabilities change.

ISO 27001 will help keep Arcadia at the forefront of the promotional merchandise industry as it continues to supply Company Merchandise Webstores and associated products and services to its client base.


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