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… Parrot Mambo Promotional Drone

Back in the day, kids (and adults) playing with radio-controlled aircraft seemed to spend more time picking them up off the ground than actually flying them!

Not any more. And this little Promotional Gadget looks set to bring fun and frolics to homes, offices and a multitude of open spaces.

The Parrot Mambo Drone (vital statistics, 63g and around 15cm square) will execute a beautifully controlled lift-off from your hand and hover before your eyes as you decide your next move.

It is appropriate for either indoor or outdoor use. It’ll reverse, rotate and flip, and can be customised with various accessories in order to catch objects or throw projectiles.

It is comfortable handling a BB canon with an 8-shot magazine, a grabber (that can hold up to 4g in weight) or a note holder – so for a light-hearted change you can pass someone a message in the office rather than emailing them. The on-board camera (ideal for aerial shots!) can take VGA (460×680) photos.

We can also brand it with your logo using a Custom full colour sticker  with a low minium order quantity of just 10 units.

For more information about the Parrot Mambo Promotional Drone, visit our website or click on the image below to watch a video!



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