Global trends & their influence on Promotional Merchandise´╗┐…

Manufacturers and importers of promotional products carefully monitor and cater to global trends and peoples ever-changing needs.

We have taken a good look at a few current global trends along with some great new promotional products that are in keeping with them.

  • Reusable Products. Single-use plastics such as carrier bags, cups and bottles remain a hot topic. Plastic is a great, versatile product but needs to be disposed of properly. Consumers are on course to continue altering their behaviour to help reduce waste.
    The use of reusable travel mugs & bags (instead of throwaway products) will continue to grow.

Eco Vent Umbrella

Biodegradable plastics products look like regular plastic but can decompose in food waste in roughly 12 weeks.

ECO Pots: Plastic free eco pots, filled with sweets are made from plant based materials rather than plastic. Once enjoyed they can be disposed of in commercial food waste recycling to compost.

  • Heath and Wellbeing. People will continue to take their health seriously, doing their own research and being more particular about what they eat and how they live. Products that support healthy living will grow in popularity.
  • Technology products. Mobile is first again in 2019. Accessories ranges of cables earbuds and wireless power chargers are ever increasing.

Having worked in Promotional Merchandise for the last 25 years I have been exposed to all aspects of the industry. Starting out as an account manager working with some of the worlds leading brands, I have learnt to understand the needs of a client, manufacturing processes, and what it takes to deliver a successful promotional campaign that is on brand, on time and within a given budget.