Promotional Products Trending in 2017

What’s trending so far in 2017?

As consumers continue to become increasingly exacting and discerning, quality is proving to be king, with low quality items taking a back seat to ‘cool’ design and high production values.

Recipients of promotional merchandise as always will appreciate quality and products that have a perceived high value.

Green is still good! consumers will continue to look kindly on promotional merchandise with eco-friendly credentials. Stuff made from reusable and recycled materials or items that have been ethically sourced create an eco feel good factor and encourage a positive view of a brand.

Technology products as ever hugely popular, portable power bank charges, cables, speakers, headphones and VR headsets. Virtual and augmented reality are getting massive, and the associated costs are dropping. Brands are lining up exploit this technology to link and promote their products.

With summer around the corner fitness and lifestyle products are being heavily stocked. As the health and wellbeing industries continue to burgeon so will the array of promotional merchandise for this sector – drinks, food, clothing, outdoor games, cosmetics, and a variety of sporting equipment, all perfect for branding and customisation.

And last but by no means least, it’s everything big in retail.  It’s a thumbs up to anything trending on the web and in the high street, new products in this arena include the Fridget Spinner Stress Reducer and Fidget Cube the perfect toy for anyone who likes to fidget.

Recipients of promotional merchandise appreciate quality as well as perceived high value.

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Having worked in Promotional Merchandise for the last 25 years I have been exposed to all aspects of the industry. Starting out as an account manager working with some of the worlds leading brands, I have learnt to understand the needs of a client, manufacturing processes, and what it takes to deliver a successful promotional campaign that is on brand, on time and within a given budget.