Sending Less To Landfill & More to Good Causes

Working towards a more sustainable future Arcadia have partnered with “A Good Thing” a company dedicated to help business link with local charities to donate any unwanted items that may be headed for landfill.

A recent study has reported that approximately 1.2 million desks and 1.6 million office chairs end up in landfill each year. The study couldn’t count the amount of IT equipment, surplus products and other items that also go to landfill.

A simple-to-use app makes donating easy, you list what you have, where you are, what timeframe you’re working to and whether you have any preferences as to the charities you’d like to support. They then do the matchmaking.

Its idea for a wide range of items such as unwanted stock, product samples, IT equipment and unwanted office furniture.

By using the app Arcadia have been able link and support local charities including The Cow shed & Younger People with Dementia.

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