The Future of Tech


What’s next?

A glance at what our tech futures might hold…

The rapid pace of change in the 21st century is evidenced nowhere more clearly than in the world of technology.

But any technological forecast is a shaky sort of structure. With that in mind we’ve come up with a speculative peek around the corner for a glimpse of what our futures might look like.


* 2019 – Eye-controlled tech. Advances in face and movement recognition software usher in an age of machines controlled by gesture or eye movements.

* 2020 – Paper diagnostics. Cheap diagnostic tools made of specially designed paper enable rapid screening for Ebola, tuberculosis, swine flu and many other diseases.

* 2024 – Ingestible robots. Consumable, biocompatible microbots that repair injuries from within.

* 2026 – Smart clothing. Nanoporous fabrics, miniaturized electronics and haptic feedback make
for ‘smart clothing’ that changes colour or shape and keeps wearers cool or warm as needed.

* 2030 – Super antivirals. Broad-spectrum antiviral drugs, based on the ISG15 mutation and other genetic therapies, arrive on the market.

* 2033 – Cheap solar power. Perovskite and organic solar cells near 100% efficiency; innovations in manufacturing techniques make solar power widely available.

* 2036 – The next evolution of AI. Big data analytics and predictable AI come of age – from weather, to elections, to geopolitics, evolution and much else.

* 2037 – 3D printing in every home. The ultimate in home shopping: cheap 3D printers in every home can print out almost anything – electronics, furniture, food and medicine – from files bought and downloaded from the internet.

* 2038 – Fully immersive computer interface. Intuitive interaction with entertainment, infotainment, web surfing and so on through advances in VR/AR, projection
mapping, haptics and brain-computer interface.

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